Brunswick Valley Distribution has many different warehouse options like cedar, pine, lumber etc that are not listed here.  In this section we are displaying our more fashionable items for the sake of colour choice and style.


trends program

The maibec TRENDS Program consists of some of maibec's most popular colours and profiles.

Siding, trim, fasteners and ventilation mouldings are all available.


These are warehoused in Moncton for quick shipment to your retail location.


by woodtone

Interior Paneling is expertly coated by Woodtone.

1x6 & 1x8 Primed Shiplap & V-Joint (white)

All product is end-matched for easy installation.

traditional paneling.PNG
fineline paneling.PNG

timbertech decking

Let us be your warehouse.


McIlveen Lumber has the largest inventory in Western Canada to support your sales throughout the entire season.


We specialize in custom job-lot orders carefully handled & packaged for your customers.

  dark hickory  

timbertech railing

When you want a railing that demands to be noticed, TimberTech Impressions Rail Express aluminum rail or Classic Composite series are perfect choices.

Brunswick Valley keeps these railing lines stocked in both Black and White.

Brunswick Valley also keeps an array of complimentary toprail &  LED light options for each railing.

Inquire with your Brunswick Valley Account Manager for availability.